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Think of it as the miracle fluid for the frugal (it goes well beyond fries!)

As you sit there trying to reorganize your budget, you might be racking your brain for things you can cut back on or eliminate altogether.
That trip to France won’t pay for itself, after all. Have you thought about how you can use vinegar to get there quicker?
We don’t mean going door-to-door with bottles of it in an attempt to fundraise - that would take ages and likely annoy your neighbours. But there are at least ten things on your shopping list that you can amalgamate into one inexpensive and accessible purchase...good ol’ vinegar.
It tastes sour, but its uses are sweet.

1. Make inexpensive meat taste and feel like five-star fillets
Marinate tough, untenderized meat in vinegar for a more tender, tangier taste.

2. Take the salt factor down a notch
Did someone think it was funny to unscrew the saltshaker in your house? Instead of throwing out the dish and opting for a microwaveable pre-seasoned dinner, combine 1 spoonful of sugar and vinegar and mix it in to drown out the over-salted taste. Chef Ramsay would be proud. Just be aware that this mix only rids the salty taste, not the sodium content.

3. Forget over-the-counter anti-itch remedies - vinegar stops bites and stings from itching
Plus, if you bring it camping with you, you can use it on your foods, too. It’s a great way to pack light.

4. Use it as an antiseptic
You can use it on cuts and scrapes when you’re fresh out of expensive antiseptic medicine.

5. Whiten your teeth
Those teeth whitening products are certainly effective - and expensive. Brush your teeth 1-2 times a week with vinegar to clean your mouth and give your teeth a pearly look.

6. Keep your nails looking manicured
Soak a cotton ball in vinegar and wipe down your nails with it each day; it prevents wear from your day-to-day activities.

7. Get water and salt stains off your suede boots
Boot sprays are not inexpensive and don’t last very long. Luckily, vinegar holds both of those qualities and can be used to treat unsightly salt stains on suede.

8. Keep your clothes new by adding a quarter cup of vinegar to every load
Vinegar is really the save-all when it comes to laundry. It’s not harsh enough to destroy fabrics, but it balances out the harsh alkalines in soaps that will destroy your fabrics. It’s even effective in the dryer. It acts as a fabric softener and solution for preventing lint from clinging to your clothes.

9. Clean...everything
From chrome to plastic to glassware to porcelain, you can splash vinegar in every corner, nook and cranny in your house for a fresh-scented, grime-free home. If you’re selling your home, this can be a very cheap alternative to chemical cleaning products that pollute the air.

10. Get rid of rust
From silverware to nuts and bolts, vinegar will give your metals that fresh-out-of-the-shop gleam. 

Experiment with other uses
Since vinegar has been around longer than the English language, it’s not surprising that its uses range far and wide. 

These tips will help you cross off some of the items you’ve fit into your budget, but why stop there? 
Get creative and see how many things you can cross off of your vinegar bucket list. Our only suggestion: keep it away from baking soda. That could get messy rather quickly.

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